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UBER drivers do not pay tax

Well following on from yesterdays tribunal decision that Uber drivers should become employess, this has opened the flood gates of debate, along with the expected derogatory comments made towards the Uber organisation and drivers.

To cap it all, Iain Duncan Smith is claiming that Uber drivers do not pay tax. So where has he got that gem of a statistic from? So is he saying all black cab and other private hire drivers, who incidentally a lot still operate mainly on a cash only basis, pay all the correct taxes?

Listen to him here

Uber drivers get paid as we know, once a week direct into their bank account. Their gross income is never in doubt.

We find that a lot of our Uber driver clients, are administratively on the ball, register with HMRC immediately and take advice from us as to what they can claim, and budget using our software for eventual tax and national insurance liabilities.

Whatever the outcome after the appeal(s) the drivers will still need to submit claims to cover their vehicle and operating costs, mobile phone and licencing expenditure, almost the same as being self employed.