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Happy New Tax Return 2016-17

Happy New Tax Return 2016-17

Self assessment 2015-16 – get ready to update so we can submit
Self assessment 2016-17 – Make life easy – RECord your entries NOW!!

Dear Taximanager user/PRO clients and all registered interested parties

First of all, we at Taximanager wish to thank all of our long standing users, in this our sixth year for your continued custom. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning know how easy it is to look back at all of your previous years entries whenever you want to, sometimes only just to make comparisons between this and past years accounts.


Well this last Wednesday 6 April 2016 marked the beginning of the new tax year, so why not celebrate and make life easier for yourselves.There is a saying only handle a piece of paper once, so why not immediately start to record your entries for 2016-17 straight onto your Taximanager account. Dont forget that it is saved in the cloud so your records are safe and secure.


Since 6 April 2016, we are now able to submit your self assessment return, once all of your entries and details where applicable such as other income etc have been provided.

We will send out additional guidance over the next few weeks to help with the finalisation process.

Our recommendation is now you have purchased Taximanager you might as well update your entries now, so the process of submitting your return can commence. This way you will know the correct figure for your self assessment return, and know what tax liability you have to pay by 31 January 2017. Also if for some reason your profit in this year is less than the previous year, this may reduce any payments on account payable.

2015-16-play catch up

Even if you have not registered or bought our 2015-16 you can still buy for this year and you can still complete your entries historically to enable you to have figures ready for your 2015-16 self assessment return, or for us to submit your return if you go PRO.

It is all as simple as that.

As always we are here to answer your questions, and still provide a personal service.