Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tax Ghost?

HMRC now have far more sophisticated ways of establishing whether a licensed taxi or private hire driver is in fact registered for Self Assessment on their system.
Quite often a driver does not know when to register, or has listened to ‘the man down the road that knows everything’.

Sometimes the driver does not know how to register with HMRC.

There is no point leaving yourself open to penalties, which at the end of the day will be far more expensive than doing it properly and registering on time. Well as part of our Pro Taximanager purchase we do offer a free registration service. Just leave it up to us.

We can either email you a list of questions to answer or you can simply provide the information over the telephone. Every individual is asked the same questions when registering with HMRC so we simply get the answers off you, then register you on your behalf as one of our clients.

So go on, and go PRO with Taximanager.
It is as simple as that!